A luxury experience at your command

Volvo On Call combines a mobile app, in-car wi-fi and time-saving connected services designed to make your life easier and more enjoyable.

Volvo On Call app features

A step counter for your car

Every electric trip adds up. Track your electricity and fuel consumption on the Volvo On Call app with a Recharge plug-in hybrid.

Volvo On Call - Step Counter for your car
Volvo On Call - Remote Control

​Cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s cold

With our remote climate control feature you may never need to wear a coat in the car again. You can program the parking heater (if fitted) to come on before you get in the car so it’s nice and warm and the windows are defrosted when you get in. In Volvo cars from 2015 onwards, Volvo On Call enables you to start the engine remotely so you can heat up or cool down the cabin.

Personalised service at your fingertips

Did you know you can ask us any question, any time about your Volvo car? It’s easy – we’re at your service and happy to help you enjoy every aspect of your Volvo. Our Volvo On Call app helps you find information directly in your owner’s manual and you’re welcome to also use the app to contact us via phone. Personalised service is just a few clicks away.

Volvo Personalised Service
Discover New Places - Volvo On Call

Discover new places

Send your destination to your car’s navigation system using Volvo On Call before you leave and it will be ready to go when you are. Plan your trip and get the approximate duration to destination before getting into the car using the Volvo On Call built-in map. You can also find parking spaces and their hourly rates and send the destination of those places to your Volvo.

Locks, fuel, maintenance, driving journal

Volvo On Call will present you with all the information you need to know about your car - whether it is locked, in use, the current fuel range, the temperature outside the car, access to the owner’s manual, maintenance needs and a driving journal that can help you to keep track of your personal and/or business use of the car including trips taken and mileage accumulated. It will also let you know if the alarm has been triggered.

Volvo On Call - Information
Calendar connected to your Volvo Car.Parking location feature Volvo on Call App.Twin Engine additional features.
Connect to your calendar

By giving Volvo On Call access to your calendar the app can let you know when it is time to leave and even send the location of your appointment to your Volvos Navigation system.

Where did you park?

Have you ever had difficulty finding your car in a large car park? Volvo On Call will help you to locate your car using the map in the app. You can also flash the lights and sound the horn so you can locate your car quickly.

Own a Twin Engine?

Users of Twin Engine vehicles (PHEV/Plug-in Hybrids) have access to a number of additional smart functions via their Volvo On Call mobile app, such as pre-heating and cooling, delayed charging, battery status, favourite charging locations and a reminder to connect the charging cable if this has not been done by a predetermined time.