Ray Chapman Leasing

Ray Chapman Motors is delighted to announce the introduction of Chapman Leasing. Leasing your vehicle is as easy as renting your mobile phone.

You pay an initial deposit and then monthly payments for a fixed term - possibly 24/36/48 months. At the end of the agreement Please see the offers below.

For more information please contact Roger Burkill on 01904 789789


volvo v90 3

Volvo S90

Sleek, stylish and sophisticated - amazing technology, luxury driving and a superb family saloon with more spec than any of the other Premium Marques 'Standard!'

Volvo V90

Spacious, Versatile and Luxurious - Comfort, Space and Good Looks - An amazing Estate car with good looks as well as an amazing drive, a total package for anyone with an active family or those who just want 'choice'.

Volvo XC90

Presence, Adaptable and Unrivaled - a great looking 7 seat award winning luxurious Family MPV, superb family car with the most valuable accolade held in a car of its type 'safety'.