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XC60 Towbar Cycling Accessory Pack

Broaden your cycling horizons. The Volvo XC60 Towbar Cycling Accessory Pack gives you an easy way to take your bikes wherever you want to - at the same time as keeping them and your car safe and sound.

Detachable Towbar £1,075
Towbar Bike Rack (2 - 4 Cycles)
Reversible Load Mat £155


Cycling through a mountain landscape

XC60 Roof Mounted Cycling Accessory Pack

The easy way to transport your bike. The Volvo XC60 Roof Mounted Cycling Accessory Pack makes it easy to carry your bike wherever you want to, without damaging your interior.

Load Carrier£230 
Roof Bicycle Carrier £85
Cargo/Luggage Mat £155 


Man holding his bike high, mountain landscape

XC60 Outdoor Accessory Pack

Make the most of the great outdoors. Whatever your lifestyle, your Volvo XC60 plays a big part in it and if you enjoy the great outdoors, you'll want to keep your car looking good whatever you throw at it. Our XC60 Outdoor Accessory Pack will help you do just that.

Rubber Floor Mats £120
Protective Steel Grille £320
Reversible Cargo Mat£155


Man with rucksack, hiking

XC60 Towing Accessory Pack

More pulling power. The Volvo XC60 Towing Accessory Pack adds another dimension to your car, giving you a great deal of freedom and flexibility.

Detachable Towbar £1075
Moulded Plastic Compartment Cover £180
Mud Flaps £170
Rubber Floor Mats £120


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Polestar Performance Upgrade £650 inc VAT and Fitting

Polestar Performance Optimisation enhances driving pleasure and increases the performance of your Volvo. The technology has been developed by Polestar in close co-operation with engineers at Volvo. The car feels more active to drive while simultaneously increasing safety in situations where further performance is required, for example when overtaking.

All of this is offered without an increase in the certified fuel consumption or emissions level, which means that the car's environmental impact remains unchanged.

Polestar Performance Optimisation is not available for all engines. To find out whether your Volvo can be optimised, please ask a member of staff.


Ideal for touring caravans. Choose between a fixed towbar or one which is easily detachable.


Designed to fit the car's wheel arches, which are discreetly integrated into the car's styling and which also effectively protect the sides of the car from the wheel spray.


Available in different materials and with low or high sides - the flexible Neoprene fabric liner is press-studded to the boot compartment, the flexible plastic low sided liner is a removable tray or there is a practical, moulded plastic cargo box specially designed for transporting large and dirty loads.


A high quality, reversible protective mat. The mat is practical and waterproof with textile on one side on plastic on the other. The mat has an attractive design with scalloped edges. The textile is colour-coded to match the rest of the interior.

Warranty Compliant, Made To Fit, Including Volvo Accessory Warranty.