Volvo Car UK introduces Volvo Fleet and Business Online, designed for flexibility, convenience and transparency to meet the ordering and fleet management needs of fleet and business customers

• Clear and comprehensive vehicle information, pricing and ordering via a dedicated online business portal – a first for a major car manufacturer in the UK

• Full Volvo model range available, with the option to choose from stock or configure build-to-order cars

• Easy access to negotiation-free business-direct pricing

• Includes details of lead times for delivery to help efficient fleet management and planning

• Cars offered through Care by Volvo subscription packages, with fixed monthly payments for peace-of-mind budgeting, or simple one-off payments for pure electric models

• Customers are able to set up an account with a pre-agreed volume of cars

• Initially available to SMEs with fleets of up to 50 vehicles

• Service provided alongside Volvo’s UK retail partners

Volvo Car UK is breaking new ground with the introduction of Volvo Fleet and Business Online, following a successful pilot scheme. This new portal gives fleet and business customers the flexibility and convenience of identifying and sourcing the cars they want in the way that suits them best: online, at a retailer, or through a combination of both.

The principles follow those successfully established with the Care by Volvo service offered to retail consumers, but the details have been tailored to meet the priorities and preferences of fleet and business customers, in particular fleet decision-makers. Initially the service is available for decision-makers in SMEs with fleets of up to 50 vehicles, but it will soon expand to include company car drivers as well.

Access is via a new, dedicated portal – a first for business customers from a major car manufacturer in the UK. Customers can simply enter their fleet size to see the transparent, negotiation-free ‘business-direct’ pricing, while setting up an account is quick and easy, and can be done with a pre-agreed volume of cars.

The Volvo Fleet and Business Online portal provides up-to-the-minute details of all available Volvo models, both those that are in stock and build-to-order cars. The step-by-step selection and ordering process is simple, with key details such as each model’s benefit-in-kind (BIK) tax rate clearly displayed. Delivery lead times are given, and the portal can be used to monitor the status of any live orders, to help with efficient business planning. The business-friendly design also allows mileages to be adjusted for individual cars, to meet the requirements of different business groups – managers and field staff, for example.

The portal has been designed to help both fleet decision-makers and company car drivers alike. It also provides a direct link to the Volvo Car Business Centre, so help can be provided by its expert team if customers have outstanding questions or require special or additional help.

Cars can be obtained using the comprehensive Fixed or Flexible Care by Volvo subscription services, with all-inclusive monthly payments to cover costs such as servicing, wear and tear maintenance, roadside assistance and vehicle tax. The Flexible package allows cars to be changed or the subscription to be cancelled with just three months’ notice; the Fixed contract option is for 36 months, with a lower monthly fee. Volvo’s Recharge pure electric models are also available for outright purchase, if preferred.

The new online service operates in conjunction with Volvo’s established retailer network, which remains critical in providing support to their local business customers and in organising car preparation, delivery and handover, and any subsequent service, maintenance and repairs.

Kristian Elvefors, Volvo Car UK Managing Director, said: “We’ve designed this new platform to be as easy and convenient for our business customers as possible. With the dedicated online portal, they can access all the information and updates they need, whenever they want and wherever they are. The key details for efficient fleet planning and management are clearly displayed, and the subscription packages make for easier budgeting, with no hidden extras.

“With our retail partners continuing to offer excellent service, we are ensuring that people can choose the method that best suits their needs – business or personal – for sourcing the electrified Volvo they want.”

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