Volvo has emerged pre-eminent among the UK’s car manufacturers, receiving the Car Brand of the Year title in the 12th annual Which? Awards.

Which? said: “Volvo impressed us with its high praise from customers, but it’s the company’s solid safety record that put it ahead of other shortlisted candidates.”

Which? focused further on product quality throughout the Volvo range and its clean powertrain technologies, reporting: “…there isn’t a single Volvo car you can buy new that we’d advise against. We’re pleased to see Volvo making efforts to reduce emissions with its Drive-E engines.”

Its decision to award the title to Volvo was backed up by feedback from satisfied customers, quoting one owner who said: “I’m on my fifth Volvo and it’s the best one. It fulfils all my family needs, looks fantastic and drives superbly. It is future-proofed technologically. It can cope with all road conditions and is totally reliable. A pleasure to get into, as a driver or passenger.”

Jon Wakefield, Managing Director of Volvo Car UK, said: “At Volvo Cars, we always put people and safety first: our vision is that nobody should be killed or seriously injured in a new Volvo car from 2020. Our latest models employ a range of increasingly advanced driver-assistance and collision-mitigation systems aimed at protecting the car’s occupants, as well as pedestrians, cyclists and even large animals.

“We are very proud that Which? has recognised not only the strides we continue to make in safety, but also the high regard in which our products are held by our customers.”