Ray Chapman Motors has backed professional cyclist Brenton Jones who has just signed with a new cycling team for the 2018 season.

The British-born 25-year-old Australian competed with the UK-based Team JLT Condor, UCl Continental throughout the 2017 season.

Brenton’s affiliation with North Yorkshire through his father’s side of the family meant it was a natural partnership with Malton-based Ray Chapman Motors which provided him with a Volvo V40enabling him to transport his bike and kit to training and competitions in comfort.

Commented Dealer Principal Duncan Chapman: “The Volvo brand is all about living life to the full and pushing the limits so teaming up with Brenton when he was training and competing in the area was an easy choice because that’s exactly his outlook.

“Brenton needed a vehicle which was practical and versatile enough to transport his kit as well as his bike whilst providing the highest levels of comfort and drivability so he arrives at training and competitions feeling refreshed and ready to literally take on the world.

“Cycling as a sport is very much aligned with Volvo brand values. For us, teaming up with Brenton underlines Volvo’s outdoors image and its goal to design vehicles which offer practicality together with comfort and luxury reflecting the demands of today’s driver.”

Brenton switched teams to compete in the Pro Continental category, a step up the cycling tier from his 2017 season in the Continental category. Cycling at this level for the French team will see Brenton working to repeat his success in Asia in 2017 in Europe and eventually move to top tier racing.

Commented Brenton: “Breaking into the top tier of cycling is tough work and any help and support I receive on the way is very much appreciated. I do hope driving up and down the country to train and compete will help put Ray Chapman Motors on the map as well as further underline Volvo’s image as the vehicle to drive for those with active lifestyles.”

Graham Wilson, Group Used Car Manager and keen cyclist with Brenton Jones and his Volvo V40