Volvo has announced that two of its most popular models have been renamed as part of a fully electric future.

To reflect Volvo Cars’ progress towards becoming a fully electric car brand by 2030, we can confirm that the electric C40 Recharge and XC40 Recharge will become the EC40 and EX40 respectively.

The new names bring the models in line with their fully electric stablemates, the Volvo EX30 and EX90 SUVs.

To mark the new name, both models are now available with new battery and electric motor options, meaning drivers can travel farther – up to 346 miles in the EC40 and 343 miles in the EX40.

The new Single Motor Extended Range versions have a 78kWh battery and a 252hp electric motor. The maximum charging speed for replenishing the battery is 140kW.

Meanwhile, an optional Performance software upgrade will also be available, which increases maximum output in the EC40 and EX40 Twin Motor versions from 408hp to 442hp. This improved power will give drivers quicker acceleration response courtesy of revised pedal mapping and the addition of a new Performance mode that unlocks both models’ increased power.

As well as the new name, Volvo is also simplifying its price structure, with like-for-like on-the-road prices for the EC40 and EX40 Plus and Ultra models.

Duncan Chapman, our Managing Director, said: “The future of motoring is electric and it’s fantastic to see Volvo Cars moving at pace towards its 2030 ambition to becoming a fully electric car brand.

“These new names align with our fantastic line-up of electric models, making it easier for drivers to decide which Volvo is right for them. We welcome drivers to pop into to any of our dealerships to learn more about the EC40 and EX40, and chat to our friendly team of experts about the electrifying future these models have in store.”

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