"Air Pollutant Emissions from transport are one of the biggest contributions to the overall air quality in Europe"

Since 1992, European Union regulations have been imposed on new cars, with the aim of improving air quality.

But what do these regulations mean, how do they effect you and what rating does your car have?

If your vehicle is older than any dates listed below, it won't be classed as even a Euro 1 - meaning certain cities may charge or ban you from driving in them at certain times.

If you would like more information about this please do not hesitate to call in at either our York or Malton dealerships or alternatively ring your dedicated Sales Consultant on Malton 01653 693751 or York 01904 789789.

Emissions standard Applied to new passenger car approvals from: Applied to most new registrations from:
Euro 1 1 July 1992 31 December 1992
Euro 2 1 January 1996 1 January 1997
Euro 3 1 January 2000 1 January 2001
Euro 4 1 January 2005 1 January 2006
Euro 5 1 September 2009 1 January 2011
Euro 6 1 September 2014 1 September 2015 - but see important note below

The table is a guide and it is recommended you contact the vehicle manufacturer to check your car’s standard is if you are unsure.

Important note: A car sold before 1st September 2016 may still have a Euro 5 engine. Check with the manufacturer to be certain.

Table and video from the RAC