We are helping drivers stay entertained while out and about with the addition of two popular in-car apps, free* of charge.

We are expanding our models’ app library for our drivers with the introduction of Prime Video and YouTube in cars with Google built in.

The two streaming apps are set to make journeys more enjoyable, providing entertainment while recharging, waiting to pick up your loved one – or cherishing a quiet moment away from the in-laws. The apps will offer the full range of music and movies available in the online versions, all in Volvo’s handy entertainment hub.

With the safety of drivers and passengers remaining a priority, access to video streaming is available only when the car is fully stationary – ensuring you can get comfortable, switch off and enjoy without distraction.

Duncan Chapman, Managing Director, said: “We’re delighted to be offering in-car Prime Video and YouTube to our drivers. These new additions provide easy access to two of the most popular streaming services – all without having to leave the comfort of your seat. We’re sure those stoppages in your journey will now be the most eagerly anticipated element of any trip.

“We’d like to invite drivers to come along to Ray Chapman Motors and speak to our team of experts to learn more about the growing range of infotainment apps available in our latest range of Volvo cars.”

For further information please contact us today!