We are making it easier for electric vehicle drivers to charge their cars this spring.

Cars available from us now have access to a network of thousands of different charging points across the UK and beyond, following a partnership between Volvo Cars and Digital Charging Solutions, one of Europe’s largest electromobility providers.

Volvo drivers will find a host of new and convenient features designed to make accessing and paying for public charging simpler – all accessible through the Volvo Cars app.

The new service makes struggling to find reliable and seamless public charging points a thing of the past, allowing Volvo drivers access to a significant network of more than 1,000 different charge point operators.

For drivers looking to go beyond their local area and the UK, the app is able to access more than 590,000 public chargers across 30 European countries, meaning road trips abroad and visits to family for the summer season will be much easier.

Among the new features in the app is a ‘Plug & Charge’ function, compatible with Volvo Cars’ forthcoming flagship, the fully electric EX90. The feature eliminates complex transactions, providing a hassle-free charging experience.

A remote charging control also allows customers greater flexibility and control, enabling drivers to remotely start and stop charging sessions through the app while going about their weekly chores.

Duncan Chapman, our Managing Director, said: “Here at Ray Chapman Motors Malton, we know a key concern for drivers considering an electric vehicle is the charging infrastructure – so we’re delighted that Volvo Cars has teamed up with Digital Charging Solutions to offer an all-round solution to make the process as easy as possible.

“With the app available in perfect time for those upcoming summer road trips, we’d like to invite drivers to come along to Ray Chapman Motors and speak to our team of experts. Let us show you how the app is revolutionising EV charging – reducing the stress and time spent finding a charging point, so more thought can be given to driving safely and planning the perfect summer getaway this year.”

For further information please contact us today!