On 9 November this year we will reveal our new, fully electric flagship SUV – the Volvo EX90. This car marks the starts of a new era – for safety and for our company. Featuring a Volvo Cars unique combination of core computing and software, it will introduce safety technologies that will help us deliver towards our vision: that no one should be seriously injured or killed in a new Volvo car.

This week, our CEO Jim Rowan presented his vision for the future of safety and Volvo Cars in a special keynote. We also showed how LiDAR – a cutting-edge remote-sensing method coming as standard in the Volvo EX90 – will help reduce accidents with severe outcomes by up to 20 per cent. Finally, we explained how our new driver understanding system will increase safety by observing the driver and providing assistance if needed.

In the next few weeks we will unveil more of the innovations and technologies coming to the EX90. Features that will help you to be – but also to feel – safe at all times. Make sure to subscribe to the Volvo Cars YouTube channel to get notified and updated on future news.