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The new V60 Recharge is a model that prides itself on offering the very best when it comes to space and comfort. The ample dimensions are complemented by some of the very best materials used in automotive production, enabling everyone to sit back and relax in comfort and enjoy the ride. There’s also a sleek appearance to ensure you’ll always be the centre of attention on any adventure.


Overview The regular V60 estate is a hugely popular model among families that appreciate the finer things in life. In the new Recharge iteration, this same penchant for quality is complemented by efficient hybrid motoring, with the 17.8kWh battery motor helping the vehicle achieve a maximum all-electric range of 53.4 miles. There’s also CO2 emissions of just 19g/km and overall power of 350hp for quick and responsive acceleration.
Exterior A classic estate shape is complemented by sporty detailing and distinctive chrome accents to ensure that the V60 Recharge is as eye-catching as can be. The swept back windscreen and sleek bodywork have been tailored to ensure the utmost in aerodynamic performance, while features such as the T-shaped headlight design are unique to the Volvo marque.
Interior Space, comfort and practicality are the hallmarks of the new V60 Recharge. The ample head and legroom is complemented by the panoramic glass roof that floods the cabin with natural light, while the cavernous boot can be used to meet any requirement. With digital touchscreens, climate control, and plush upholstery throughout, you can also rest assured a connected and relaxing journey each time you take to the road.
Features All models from Volvo come packed with features designed to enrich the driving experience. Whether it’s the very latest in safety technology or concert-quality sound systems, the Swedish marque provides only the best options. In the V60 Recharge, you can also benefit from in-built Google, with Maps, Assistant and more all available.
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