Exceptional style and performance

Perfectly poised, the Volvo S60 bridges the gap between man and machine. Responsive steering connects you to the road and supple suspension smooths your journey, while high performance brakes give you optimum control with minimal effort. Learn more about this exceptional model and the full range of features it offers today.


Overview Smart, responsive and efficient, the new Volvo S60 has been developed to impress. With a hybrid powertrain, the S60 offers pure electric driving as well as a combination of conventional and electric power for reduced emissions. Whichever you choose on your Drive Mode selector, you’ll enjoy sharp responses and lively performance.
Exterior The new S60 takes Scandinavian minimalism and gives it an energetic, sporty edge. Bold contours and defined angles make a strong statement, while the T-shaped LED front lighting signature is unmistakably Volvo. The marque’s badging sits proudly on the wide grille and, at the rear, the boot edge kicks upwards to create an aerodynamic feel.
Interior On the inside, quality reigns, with soft seating that envelops and supports you, leaving you feeling refreshed even after long journeys. A sleek centre console and user-friendly command centre, meanwhile, give a clean aesthetic and functional experience, while the cavernous dimensions ensure everyone in the vehicle has the utmost head and legroom for comfort.
Features Volvo is known for its advanced technology and driver assistance features. The new S60 doesn’t disappoint, featuring a nine-inch non-reflective touchscreen with smartphone interfacing and – on higher spec models – a premium sound system that delivers music with crystal clarity. Enhancing your drive is Pilot Assist, which makes driving in heavy traffic less fatiguing. It features active cruise control to help you maintain your speed – and a safe distance from the vehicle in front – as well as lane centring technology to keep you in line.

Trim levels

You have the option of trim levels in the new Volvo S60, with this stylish saloon enabling you to select the model and level of technology that best suits you.

    Momentum Premium quality is assured in the Momentum trim, which offers contemporary good looks, innovative technology and a 12-inch driver display for ultimate engagement.
    R-Design Sporty and athletic in both appearance and performance, the R-Design comes with glossy black detailing, 18-inch alloy wheels, and a sports chassis for added appeal.
    Inscription Incredible craftsmanship and the Scandinavian flair for luxurious design are abundant in the Inscription trim level, with leather upholstery adding to the supreme comfort.
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