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S60 Classic starting from £22,950


The all-new Volvo S60 is a Volvo like never seen before, offering elegant sports coupe design with the luxurious, high build quality expected from a Volvo, come and take a test drive, available now. The S60 boasts dynamic driving characteristics along with ground-breaking Pedestrian Detection safety technology, the S60 and all the technology on board is vastly improved over its predecessor, the S60 of 2000, Volvo’s most popular car. The new S60 offers a wide range of engines, a distinct design that will turn heads, a fantastic dynamic chassis and a luxurious interior. All these improvements come together to form an incredible car that is smooth, comfortable, practical and very capable.

Volvo S60 Details & Specifications


Key features:

  • Volvo’s most dynamic car to date
  • Coupe like styling coupled with four doors offers beauty and convenience
  • All-new S60 providing a faster, more involving drive while still more economical and stylish than its predecessor
  • Tuned on UK roads, designed and made focusing on the driver
  • World first – Pedestrian Detection with Full Auto Brake providing unrivalled pedestrian safety
  • First saloon car in the world to incorporate City Safety as standard. City Safety was developed in order to reduce the risk of low-speed rear-end accidents
  • A cabin built for and around the driver, intuitive in operation and premium in feel and build quality
  • The all-new Volvo S60 competes in the premium compact executive saloon market, one of the most competitive markets there is. However we believe the S60 stands tall above the rest as the one to go for



The new class-leading four-cylinder D4 engine offers a superior blend of 181 horsepower and CO2 emissions under 100g/km allowing for plenty of fun to be had while still being very economical to drive.

Enginecc / CylindersPower0-60 (secs)CO2 g/kmUrban / Extra Urban / Combined MPG
D2 Auto 1560cc / 4 115 hp 12.3 sec 103 g/km 60.1 / 76.3 / 68.9
D2 Man 1560cc / 4 115 hp 10.9 sec 107 g/km 64.2 / 78.5 / 72.4
D2 R-Design 1560cc / 4 115 hp 12.3 sec 114 g/km 57.7 / 70.6 / 65.7
D3 Man 1984 cc / 5 136 hp 10.2 sec 114 g/km 55.4 / 72.4 / 65.7
D3 Auto 1984 cc / 5 136 hp 10.2 sec 126 g/km 47.1 / 68.9 / 58.9
D4 Man 1969 cc / 4 181 hp 6.9 sec 99 g/km 65.7 / 78.5 / 74.3
D4 Auto 1969 cc / 4 181 hp 7.4 sec 109 g/km 56.5 / 76.3 / 67.3
D5 Man 2400 cc / 5 215 hp 6.9 sec 119 g/km 49.6 / 74.3 / 62.8
D5 Auto 2400 cc / 5 215 hp 7.1 sec 154 g/km 34.9 / 61.4 / 47.9
T3 Man 1596 cc / 4 150 hp 8.9 sec 129 g/km 39.8 / 61.4 / 51.4
T3 Auto 1596 cc / 4 150 hp 9.6 sec 159 g/km 29.4 / 50.4 / 41.5



All Volvo S60 Nav models come with Sensus Connect* featuring high performance sound, providing amazing quality and the convenience of voice activated control. A 7” colour display screen able to play DVD’s, connect to the internet and browse music along with a Sensus Navigation system is also featured in the S60. Not only will full European mapping come with the S60’s Nav, but two complimentary annual map updates are included (simply register at navigation.com/volvomapcare).
*A separate mobile data plan is required to enable online connectivity


The SE offers a range of features adding convenience and luxury to the S60, such as automatic rain sensors, autofolding power door mirrors with the addition of ground lights and an integrated grocery bag holder adding to the convenience the S60 can provide. Looking into the S60 SE’s interior, it is easy to see the S60 SE benefits from Textile/T-Tec upholstery and shimmer graphite aluminium trim while taking a look at the exterior, the stunning 17” Pandora alloy wheels and chrome window surrounds really add to the S60’s beauty.


18” lxion alloys coupled with the R-Design chassis not only bring further beauty to the Volvo S60, but also better handling is the result of the R-Design additions. The exterior of the S60 R-Design is also given silver matte door mirrors adding to the cars presence as well as unique rear exhaust pipes. Looking inside, sports seat with plenty of side support for the driver and front passenger can be found alongside R-Design upholstery and fantastic aluminium interior trim and a R-Design leather steering wheel. Other features that also come as standard are Bluetooth and a DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) radio.


The Business Edition comes packed with all the features you would expect from a Volvo.

Alongside the innovative City Safety technology, stylish 16” Oden Alloys, Dynamic Stability Traction Control (DSTC), Rear Park assist and LED day running lights, the high spec Business Edition also comes with electronic climate control, DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) Radio, cruise control and the Sensus Navigation system with a 7” colour display screen and Bluetooth®


Our most luxurious variant of the Volvo S60 is the SE Lux.

The SE Lux builds on the SE variant meaning the interior benefits from leather-faced upholstery, an active TFT crystal driver’s information display to keep the driver aware of important information, power adjustable driver’s seat with built in memory functions adding to the levels of convenience and active bending xenon headlights with headlight cleaning systems to ensure visibility isn’t impaired by dirt.


The top-spec Volvo S60 is the R-Design Lux and features the likes of active bending xenon headlights with the excellent headlight cleaning system, rain sensors, rear park assist and autofolding doors making convenience and functionality plentiful in the Volvo S60 R-Design Lux.

On the Inside, power adjustable driver seat and with memory systems for the seat and side mirrors, auto-dimming rear view mirror and a high performance audio system capable of surrounding you in rich, clear sound with Bluetooth® connectivity.

Safety & Security

Safety features

  • City Safety as standard is a first for a saloon car
  • Sophisticated engineering to achieve top spot as safest car in its class and the safest Volvo everr
  • Curtain airbags and dual side airbags ensure your safety is never compromised

  • Five three-point safety belts
  • Pedestrian Detection with Full Auto Brake is a first throughout the world in safety technology

The first Volvo was built in 1927 and ever since then, the overriding priority has been to engineer and develop cars that work to prevent accidents and, if the worst was ever to happen, to offer maximum protection to occupants and pedestrians. Co-founders Assar Gabrielsson and Gustaf Larson said that “Cars are driven by people, Therefore the guiding principle behind everything at Volvo is, and must remain, safety.”

Volvo has been at the forefront of safety ever since the company was founded. Safety innovations include the life-saving three-point seat belt, developed in 1959 – One of the biggest leap forwards in car safety according to many experts in the safety field.

Other innovations include side impact air bags and many others. To the long list of safety innovations Volvo has developed and shared throughout the car market, a further addition to the list comes in the shape of Pedestrian Detection with Full Auto Brake, and City Safety.

  • (DAC) Driver Alert Control is a fantastic, unique technology that alerts tired and/or distracted drivers by constantly monitoring the vehicles progress between lane markers and if the DAC system notices the driving pattern changes in a random or unusual/uncontrolled way, the system will warn the driver.
  • (BLIS) Blind Spot Information System constantly monitors the offset rear blind spots and will work to ensure you’re aware of any dangers in your blind spots. The system will illuminate a warning light on the respective side when it senses danger in your blind spots.
  • (LDW) Lane Departure Warning will alert the driver if the car goes over lane markers without indicators being used.

IDIS (Intelligent Driver Information System) is an electronic system that works towards keeping the driver focused on driving in busy situations by constantly monitoring specific functions in the car such as steering input, indicators and accelerator or brake input too. IDIS will monitor and asses the difficulty/complexity of the driving situation and will process the amount of information accordingly meaning the driver is always focused on the road ahead rather than unneeded distractions.


  • Personal Car Communicator (PCC) enhances security (optional extra)
  • Volvo On Call will call for help automatically when needed
  • Laminated side windows available (will repel water)
  • Remote control central locking and alarm boosts security levels
  • The optional ‘security pack’ bundles PCC, private locking and laminated side windows

Finance Options

Volvo Car Purchase Plan:

Paying in simple, equal amounts at a fixed rate is a traditional scheme made to allow you to buy and pay for your Volvo easily.

Plan benefits

  • Regular fixed instalments with no surprises
  • Once the agreement has completed, you will own the car
  • Suitable for non-VAT registered customers

How does it work?

  • Able to choose from a range of deposits
  • Once a deposit is established, you can then choose your repayment period (up to 4 years) to best suit your buying needs
  • At the end of the agreement the car is yours (you may settle the agreement at any time if you so want to pay sooner)

Volvo Car Flexible Purchase Plan:

Just like the Volvo Purchase Plan, with the added benefit of allowing you to defer part of the cost of your Volvo until the end of the agreement. This allows you to tailor the instalments to suit your budget.

Plan benefits

  • Suitable for non-VAT registered customers
  • Added flexibility by allowing you to tailor your instalments
  • At the end of the agreement, after paying the lump sum, you own the car

How does it work?

  • Choose from a range of deposits
  • You then choose your repayment period (up to 4 years) to suit your buying needs
  • Volvo then agree a final payment – taking into consideration the age, mileage and use of the car
  • At the end of the agreement you pay the final payment before taking ownership of the car (you may settle the agreement at any time).

* Images for illustration only | Finance subject to status | Prices / specifications subject to change

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