Meet our York Team

We have now moved into our new site at White Rose Close. Pop by, see the new site and enjoy a coffee too,

Duncan Chapman, Retailer Principal

Duncan Chapman

Tim Marrison, General Manager

Tim Marrison

David Kellett, Group Service Manager

Nathan Chapman, Group Used Car Manager

James Sutcliffe, Sales Manager

Rob Holmes, Business Manager

Rob Holmes

John Davis, Parts Manager

Nigel Biesty, Service Advisor

Andrew Walker, Service Advisor

Andy Barker, Sales Consultant [Motability Specialist]

Andy Barker

Barry Haselock, Service Support

Daniel Eddon, Sales Consultant​ [Motability Specialist]

Dan Eddon

Graham Parnaby, Sales Consultant [Motability Specialist]

Graham Parnaby

Mike Paton, Sales Consultant

Mike Paton

Thomas Griffiths, Sales Consultant

Tom Griffiths

Tony Wright, Sales Consultant [Motability Specialist]

Tony Wright

Roger Burkill, Fleet Sales Consultant​

Fran Holmes, Sales Administrator

Francesca Holmes

Liam Cates, Technician

Liam Cates

Tony Clark, Technician

Tony Clark

Blair Scott, Andon Technician

Daniel Alexander, Valeting

Daniel Alexander

Dmitris Efstathiou, Valeting

Dmitris Efstathiou

Daniel Foster, Valeting

Nick Russell, Valeting

Nick Russell

Jill Ward, Dealership Host

Jill Ward

Imogen Hall, Dealership Host

Imogen Hall

Lucy Boruk, Weekend Host

Will Eden, Parts Apprentice