Meet Our Malton Team

Our Malton dealership is located on Seven Street, York Road in Malton. Come along and say hello and meet our friendly Malton Team.

Duncan Chapman, Retailer Principal

Duncan Chapman

Mike Hall, General Manager

Mike Hall

Nathan Chapman, Group Used Car Manager

Dan Watson, Service Manager

Gareth Burns, Sales Manager

Darren Hopwood, Parts Manager

Darren Hopwood

Tim Sollitt, Service and Warranty Advisor

Holly Thurkle, Service Advisor

Sean Willie, Warranty and Cosmetic Repair Advisor

Sean Willie - Service Advisor

Dan Hall, Assistant Sales Manager

Dan Hall

Rob Baylis, Sales Consultant

Rob Baylis, Sales Consultant

David Carrigan, Sales Consultant

Ben Greenwood, Sales Consultant

Andrew Morby-Smith, Sales Consultant

Rob Riddell, Sales Consultant

Chris Sawyer, Sales Consultant

Richard Sheldon, Sales Consultant

Roger Ward, Sales Consultant

Ben Craven, Corporate Sales Manager

Emma Heselwood, Senior Corporate Administrator

Debbie Flint, Corporate Sales Consultant

Debra Flint

Roger Burkill, Corporate Sales Consultant

Frank Askew, Corporate Sales Consultant

TBA, Corporate Sales Consultant​

Caroline Chapman, Corporate Customer Liaison

Caroline Chapman

James Laughton, Product Specialist and Sales Assistant

Eve Firth, Corporate Sales Administrator

Eve Firth

Rhiannon High, Corporate Sales Administrator

Rhiannon High

Lorna Moate, Corporate Sales Administrator

Paula Alexander, Aftersales Support

Paula Alexander - Aftersales Support

TBA,Dealership Host

TBA,  Weekend Dealership Host

Carla Mitchell, Accountant

Glyn Worsley, Accounts Assistant

Mark Frankish, Accounts Assistant

Monique Preston, Accounts Clerk

Monique Preston

Emma Brown, Sales Administrator

Emma Brown - Retail Sales Administrator

Emma Clayton, IT Administrator​

Luke Crosier, Parts Advisor

Max Kelley, Apprentice Parts Advisor