To celebrate the refurbishment of our Malton dealership we are having an OPENING CELEBRATION EVENT from Friday, 20th – Monday, 23rd November 2015. It will be lovely to see as many customers as possible onsite, allowing us to give you a guided tour of our recently refurbished Malton dealership. During the course of the weekend we will also have some opening event special offers across our new car range, as well as showcasing a selection of over 100 Selekt Volvo Used cars. If you would like more information about our Opening Celebration Event please register your interest above. We hope to see you.

As you’re probably aware we have recently completed a four month, major refurbishment at our Malton dealership.

Our new state of the art site is part of a global new brand standard that Volvo is rolling out across it’s dealer network.

The new retail experience is something Volvo has been planning for three years to coincide with major investments in it’s range of vehicles.

In recent years Volvo has invested over twelve billion dollars in research and development which will result in a whole new range of cars arriving in our Volvo showroom over the next four years. This started with the arrival of the All-New XC90 in June and will be complimented with at least two new models every year between now and 2018.

The Volvo brand is becoming more appealing to a wider audience and we have lots to look forward to in the future. With all Volvo dealerships undergoing huge improvements to coincide with the latest ‘Volvo Retail Experience’ standard, there is no doubt that Dealerships will soon compliment the display of many beautiful new cars arriving soon.

At a meeting with Volvo during early 2014 they informed all dealers that had to undergo significant improvements. It was inevitable that investment had to be made if we wanted to maintain our Volvo franchise and with very little money being spent on our facility for several years I recognised the time had arrived to protect our future, whilst putting us in a position where our customer offering would be further advanced beyond our competition. This investment includes improved working conditions for each member of staff - which is essential when maintaining low levels of staff turnover - a key focus area within our business.

The new facility will also enable us to provide even greater levels of customer care. Volvo retail experience, or VRE for short, focuses on the space and design to reflect Volvos Scandinavian inspired values of calm, clean lines, ‘cool on the outside and warm on the inside’ style architecture.

After being greeted by our new Dealership Host/Receptionist you will be able to relax in a comfortable ‘Living room’ waiting area, while viewing your vehicle being worked on within our workshop. Being able to see in and out of the ‘workshop window’ creates a symbol of trust between us.