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Volvo V40 starting from £22,510


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Built for the city, with its clean, contemporary design and smart technology, this is a car designed to make your life easier.

Compact dimensions and agility make the V40 the perfect companion in the city and beyond. Precise, accurate steering puts you in control, and for those looking for an even sharper response, the Sport chassis lowers the car and adds firmer suspension. Corner Traction Control is fitted as standard to every V40. It makes cornering both safer and more fun by using a combination of braking force and extra power to add more grip and control for you when you need it. It’s a part of what makes the V40 such a nimble, engaging drive.

The design of the V40 has a distinctive, Scandinavian style that allows you to express your personality and individuality. Its youthful, contemporary good looks are characterised by Volvo Cars’ signature T-shaped headlights.

Our interiors beautifully showcase Scandinavian craftsmanship and fine detail. In the V40 you’re welcomed by a bright, spacious interior. The sense of wellbeing can be further enhanced with an optional panoramic glass roof. And, with sculpted seats that support you and your passengers, you will experience premium comfort.

To ensure that you get the V40 that you want, we have created a wide range of options and trim levels, giving you freedom to create a car that reflects your individuality. Our City Weave upholstery option combines a contemporary urban look with the warm, inviting ambience that our interiors are renowned for. This is a place where authentic, finely crafted materials meets timeless Scandinavian design.

To help take some of the stress of driving in heavy traffic, our Adaptive Cruise Control feature allows you to maintain a set speed and distance to the car in front. All you need to do is to select the speed and set the time gap to the vehicle in front. The system will operate from standstill all the way up to motorway speeds (200km/h).

Cross Traffic Alert makes reversing out of parking spaces safer, easier and less stressful by warning you of vehicles that are about to cross your path. It will alert you by emitting an audible warning from the left or right rear speakers and by displaying the direction of the traffic via graphics on the centre display. The rear-mounted radar sensors can detect vehicles approaching from the side at a distance of up to 30 metres. In some circumstances, Cross Traffic Alert can also detect approaching cyclists and pedestrians.

The LED headlights on the V40 demonstrate the way Volvo Cars creates technology that exists to improve your life. LED headlights last the lifetime of the car and use less energy, while the strong, clean light they give makes it easier to see what's ahead at night. There's also Active High Beam with Driver Alert, which automatically dips the beam to prevent you dazzling other road users and ensure that you always get the best illumination. The optional high-level LED headlights also include Active Bending Lights, which help you see around corners by turning in the same direction as you steer through a corner.

Please note: the driver is responsible for how the car is controlled at all times.

Park Assist Pilot makes parking as hassle-free as possible. When activated, it measures parking spaces for you as you slowly drive past them. When it finds one big enough to park in, it will alert you on the centre and driver display, giving instructions on how to proceed. Just let go of the steering wheel and it will take over control - all you have to do is control your brakes, gears and accelerator. When parallel parking, all this convenient and safe feature requires is a space just 1.2 times the length of your car - a size that most other drivers would ignore. Park Assist Pilot can also help you when leaving a tight parking space.

Enjoy immersive audio, wherever you sit, with Premium Sound by Harman Kardon. You’ll encounter a rich audio experience with ten speakers and sound enhancement software. With Sensus Connect and its range of entertainment apps, you receive a huge choice of streamed music and radio stations. Simply connect your devices to the V40 to access your own music collection, any time.

The safety innovations in the V40 that help make it a safe place for you and your passengers are the result of decades of Volvo Cars research and testing. Ultra high-strength boron steel forms a rigid safety cell around the car’s occupants, while crumple zones front and rear dissipate as much energy as possible away from the passenger cell in the event of a collision.

Protecting people - whether inside or outside the car - is the aim of City Safety. This Volvo Cars innovation looks out for potential danger by using radar and camera technology to identify other vehicles, cyclists, pedestrians and large animals ahead, day or night. If City Safety detects an imminent collision, it alerts the driver and can automatically apply the brakes if the driver doesn't react in time. This can help avoid or mitigate a collision.

Please note: the driver is responsible for how the car is controlled at all times.

The Volvo On Call app connects your phone, tablet or wearable device with your V40 to help make life less complicated - use it to help you prepare for your journey ahead by sending your destination to your V40, or you can sync your Volvo On Call app with your calendar, so if you've got appointments it will tell your car where they are and how to get there. It's always there when you need it, so your car becomes more than just a means of travel - it's your personal assistant.

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